Absolutely. Every order includes up to one hour of custom design work for every $500 spent on printing. That's generally plenty of time to customize one of our gallery styles to suit your occasion.

Take a look at our custom options page to see what sort of options we offer or contact us with specific questions.
Yes. If you own the rights to the image and it's in a format that's letterpress-friendly, there's no charge to incorporate your image. If it's in a not-so-friendly format, we can let you know what options you have for adapting the image.

The best format is a vector-based image. The second best is a high resolution bitmap image (such as TIFF).

If you're not sure, just ask.
Yes. The best format is a vector-based file with all fonts outlined. The second best is a high resolution bitmap image (such as TIFF).

If you're a designer or you've hired a designer who's providing completely press-ready artwork, we can usually offer a 15% discount. Take a look at our designers page for more about press-ready art.
Yes we can. Let us know what you're thinking and we'll give an estimate of the number of hours we'll need to spend. We provide up to one hour of free custom design work for every $500 you spend on printing. After that, we bill $90 per hour.

Our custom design process is great -- you can view the design in progress on your own personalized web page and give us feedback. If you're thinking of having an invitation or announcement package designed from scratch, be sure to allow several weeks for the design process.
There are several things that can help make letterpress invitations more affordable. Here are a few ideas:
  • Print in one ink color on 300g paper. If you're set on two ink colors and/or 600g paper for the invitation, consider cheaper options for the enclosures.
  • Use a reply postcard instead of a reply card and envelope. Or, skip the reply card altogether and include your rsvp info on the invitation.
  • Skip the reception card. It's very common to include reception info on the invitation.
  • Provide your own press-ready artwork. If you can convince your graphic-designer friend to lay out your set in a nice press-ready format, we'll discount your order by 15%. Take a look at our designers page for more about press-ready art.
Feel free to contact us for a customized quote.
Yes. Printing on the back of a card is priced as an additional ink run. Thicker paper will help keep the letterpress impressions on the front and back from affecting each other.

If you want to get fancy, we can print a duplexed card. We'd print the front and back on separate sheets, then glue and trim after printing to completely eliminate impression show-through. Contact us for a quote on duplexed cards.
A blind-pressed run is priced the same as an ink run. We can either use no ink at all, or a lightly tinted white ink.

We can also offer blind embossing (raised as opposed to pressed). A blind emboss is priced the same as a foil run.
Probably. Contact us and let us know as many details as you have regarding the paper. There's a good chance we can buy it directly and if not, we'll let you know how much we'd need you to send us.
Yes. Envelope liners are available for most of our envelopes. Visit our extras page for more details.
Yes. They're available for A7 (5" x 7"), Arturo (6" x 8"), and Large Square (6.75" x 6.75") invitation sets.
We can ship any envelopes early that aren't being printed for just the cost of shipping. If we're printing return addresses for you, we can have your envelopes shipped a week early for a $100 fee.
Yes. We include 10% extra of any envelope that you or your calligrapher will be addressing.
In general, letterpress inks are transparent, meaning that you can't print light ink on dark paper. Exceptions are metallic ink, which has decent opacity, and foil, which is 100% opaque.
Letterpress works best with line art and text. Large blocks of color are possible, but keep in mind that ink coverage may not be 100% even and saturated (it will have a more rustic/handmade look). Also, the heavy impression can tend to warp the paper if we don't use an extra-thick stock. Sometimes we might suggest that we print large blocks in a separate pass; however, this will add to the cost.

Feel free to send us a mockup of your artwork and we can let you know whether we foresee any issues.
Payment is required when you approve the final proofs and we're ready to print. If we're helping with design, we'll ask for a $120 deposit to begin design work.

We accept checks, all the usual credit cards, PayPal (to paypal@parklifepress.com), and Venmo (to @parklifepress).
Once the design is finalized and we've received your payment, we'll have the order ready to ship in 2-3 weeks. Assuming our current workload allows, we can rush the order for an additional fee: 20% extra for a two-week rush (ready in 6-10 business days) or 40% extra for a one-week rush (ready in 3-5 business days).

For orders requiring significant custom design, be sure to allow several weeks for the design process to be finalized.
Yes. We ship all over the world and can do so at pretty reasonable rates.
Along with our lovely letterpress printing, we offer the following:
  • Foil Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Die Cutting
  • Edge Painting
  • Duplexing
  • Corner Rounding
  • Digital Printing
  • Grommeting
  • Adhesive Backing